Seit 200 Jahren im internationalen Handel

We are a trusted supplier of safe ingredients to the food industry and work with audited partners in key producing countries around the world.

In a complex reality a supply chain has to be precisely controlled to assure delivery. We are managing risk with the goal to anticipate and respond to circumstances that may affect supply. Strong guiding principles and 190+ years of experience have resulted in providing our clients with a cost effective and reliable service.


Expertise in international markets

Direct personal presence in producer and consumer markets is essential for operating effectively and efficiently in frequently fluctuating ­markets. Backed by a network of partners we regularly supply our customers and partners at origin with timely information regarding market trends and significant developments. Through close contact with our suppliers and regular audits of their factories, we guarantee constant compliance of quality standards to our customers. Our strong market position enables our customers to benefit in terms of purchase price and purchase conditions.

Contract Execution

Shipping, insurance and contract documentation according to the ­different customer and official requirements mandate special capabili­ties. Our qualified and experienced staff ensures prompt, accurate and smooth processing of our international contracts. This often means significant cost savings for our clients.

SCHLÜTER & MAACK ist Vertrauens­lieferant von Nahrungs­mittel­roh­stoffen aus Über­see
und Europa

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