The right purchase at the right time in this market characterized by major price fluctuations determines a manufacturer’ s profit or loss. Even in a highly volatile market we see our responsibility towards our ­clients to assure a long term supply with high quality products. This is only possible because we are in daily contact with the producers at origin and have the necessary expertise of this sensitive market.
Nussprodukte Schlüter & Maack

Germany consumes more hazelnuts in various formats than any other country in the world.

SCHLÜTER & MAACK globally supplies all nut kernels and nut preparations in accordance with the accepted international quality standards and as well on basis of individual customer requirements.

For a timely supply of our clients with products of their specific quality require­ments we coordinate closely with production plants at origin and monitor regularly the production. Food safety has become a very important task which we have addressed with our in-house expertise.